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I had the best dream I could ever have. Or one of the best ones... But then, it became horrifying. I dreamt I had a romantic relationship with my crush and I was pregnant (we're both 15). I told him about it at a park at the town where he lives at and I was crying, but he told me he'd always be with me, he'd never leave neither of us (I think he meant the baby and me) and that he loves me and he hugged me!! Then, we found ourselves at a playground in the town where I live at and I was 3-4 months pregnant. I felt my belly hurt and blood came out and filled the floor and I was having an abortion. When I woke up I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I could still feel the pain at my belly but at my heart as well. But I felt a warm feeling from what he told me in the dream

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  • it's a dream baby, that's what you wanted him to say to you. In all honest reality that boy would be gone before you even knew it if you ever got pregnant. Dont live an illusion.

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