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As a 31 years old woman, successful carreer in law field, own my own place etc, it s getting annoying how im only approached by much younger men. I admit it i look alot younger than my age. But it gets embarrassing at times , im out and a 21 y/o man asks for my number, then two things happen: either he gets too awkward when i tell him my age (always too funny) or he insists on dating me saying age is only a number. Okay age is only a number but dude, either you re still in college, or just graduated s d starting to build your life. And the fact that i want sthg serious that can lead to marriage makes that idea just ridiculous. (Sigh, got asked out again by a 24 y/o man this week)

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  • And why does being a recent college grad or a student make one incapable of a serious relationship that can lead to a marriage? You do realize that people in their 20s still make up the overwhelming majority if people getting married right?

  • Boo hoo

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