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I love my husband to death he's a nice guy and I could definitely do waaaaayyy worse but lately I feel so bored we've been together a long time andhe is the only guy I've ever been with. Sometimes I feel like I could use some variety in my life I'm so young but I feel so old being in a relationship with someone who is so boring and proper. Our sex life is beyond mediocre i want it all the time and he is always bitching he is tired. Plus we have zero in common and he never wants to go out.i feel like we weee too young for such a big step and that when im thirty or forty he will be the guy for me but right now i feel like a caged animal.It doesn't help that his family hates my guts and thinks im the downfall of his entire life .Should i leave him or stick with him till we are both as boring as him. Also largely of been thinking more and more of having a guy on the side just to satisfy my adventurous side but I would feel like such a cheap bitch.

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  • Just leave him. You are unhappy with him then whats the point in staying! Get out. Enjoy!

  • You say you love him. Work things out WITH him. Or admit to yourself you don't love him and you don't want to try to make things better. Just dont be -- as you put -- a "cheap bitch", don't put all the blame on him to excuse yourself if you do cheat on him. Be an adult. And if you really think things will not work out, just divorce and move on with your life, but you don't need to ruin his life/self steem because of that.

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