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I've rejected guys just because of my own fear of rejection.

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  • As humans, everyone fears rejection to some extent and in some form or another, whether it may be that of a crush or that of, say a college, university, or organization of employment. Being courageous means taking risks and putting oneself put there. Trust me, you have nothing to fear, and chances are if guys find you compelling enough to talk to, then you must have something to offer of genuine value, assuming those you have rejected are not completely superficial. I'm a guy who likes intellectual conversation, humor, and personality, as well as body, and when I find what I'm looking for, I put assert myself. One shouldn't fear rejection, one should embrace opportunity. We do not breathe only so we may waste our days until death, we breathe because we are the universe experiencing itself and should be to its fullest. Have no fear (ever)!

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