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This is Statement ist based on my own experience! Girls friendzoned me my whole life!... i lost 20kg over the time and old female '' friends '' who told me the most girls are just to superficial for me.. started to flirt with me.. actually almost all girls changed they behavior over the time.. i wasn't just the good friend anymore. i was more intresting .. i gues.. well... luckly i don't have any problem with finding new friends i just want a girl who like me.. and not my ... outward appearance but it seems to be like. im gonna have a loong time with searching for one girl sry for my english

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  • jesus fucking christ....get over yourself, you sound like the guy who want on a killing rampage a few weeks back. Ima tell you something that apparently no one has told you. HUMANS.ARE. ANIMALS. Girl or guy we all judge people off their outward appearance at first and for a long time after that. Its called having tastes. Your story isnt special, becoming more phsyically fit is biologically inclined to make you more attractive to the general populous of females

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