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I find it frustrating that I can't voice any opinion on anything without being attacked for it and accused of being "intolerant" and "bigoted". Yes, I do believe in jesus Christ and I do trust the bible. I do trust in the bible, no I can't explain all of it but I believe in the resurrection and the evidence behind it. No, I don't hate gay people but I also won't change the bible to suit me whenever necessary. In the end I believe Jesus died for everyone. Because of that we all are worth something and loved. Being gay does not make one especially worse and everyone should be treated with dignity. And hey I don't believe that I am the judge either so what does it matter to me. But please don't force me to have agree with you because I won't.

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  • So you believe in the bible. Just not all of it. Fucking hypocrit!

  • I'm in the same boat as you. Nowadays it seems that people are persecuting religious people much more aggressively than has been seen for years.

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