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There is this Boy, Henry. When I had a boyfriend (Jake), Henry and I used to chat so much and talk on the phone, that I could totally call him my best friend. We ended up writing naughty texts and he made me feel better than my boyfriend. A month ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. After telling Henry he was totally there for me and told me that I can always text him. So I did and we started chatting, but it wasn't the same. He... He started to avoid me. Stopped the way he texted me this whole time before the break up. After being at a weekend trip, I got home and had a few messages from him. All like 'where are you?', 'hadn't we said that you text me?'. We texted a bit and then I waited... I don't always want to be right behind him and text him first; that makes me feel, like i'm a freaking stalker and he doesn't like me (even know he does). So I texted him that for me this is no friendship anymore, if one gives everything and the other one only takes. He didn't respond. It's nearly 2 weeks that I've written it. I see when he's online, I know that he got my texts. But why doesn't he respond? I don't get boys.

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  • I agree with arc angel

  • It's a guy rule in general to not date another guys ex if you that guy. Except the few that break it.

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