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Why do people around the world, help each other or be nice for a moment to each other when there is a natural disaster? Why can't we be all nice for the sake of peace. It's true that most of us are racist, some are even racist with their own race, but atleast keep it to yourself, not blog it.

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  • I am nice to everyone, regardless of the situation

  • Come to Canada, people are nice here :). Jokes aside, I do see your point, but the human race is one self-centered race in hunger for power. So when all social classes become equals (in the case of a disaster for example) everyone is on the same level and ready to help, but when they feel they have power over others, they feel entitled to such and thus stop helping or never actually did. It is sad, it is truly sad to know so, but if you're a legitimate good person, you should be able to encourage people around you by keeping it alive, keeping this great vibe alive so it can spread. I've personally surrounded myself with only that kind of people and I can tell you, it is refreshing and comforting. Cheers.

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