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You know you re over a crush when all the stuff that seemed adorable to you before are now stupid and annoying: yes you are not smart or kind or generous, smart kind generous people dont actually brag about that. Nice people dont try to overcompensate their shortcomings by saying they are rich. You re lack of social skills is alarming. You dont know the basics of table manners. You speak in that weird way and get annoyed when people dont understand you, man just : ENUNCIATE! , you re so self abdorbed that you dont even listen or pay attention when someone is talking. You keep saying you re better than others. You say all women are shallow because they friendzoned you. Man you are the shallowest prick i ever met in my life. You claim yo be well read, omg you only read young adults/teens drama. You buy all sort of books just to impress others, you havent read any if them. You make lists and goals to make your self feel smart but you never go through with them. You re inconsiderate of other humans around you..... That feels great getting it off my chest. I wish i can say it to your face but it s good that i blocked all contact and i dont have to see that smug ( its the only picture i look kinda cute in so i'll just use it in all my social media). Jerk

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  • please hope he's circumcised! Right on girl!

  • You are great!

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