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I'm 18. I want a child so damn bad but I cant just get a girl to be willing to do that :(

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  • hey dude, me too has the dream on having a child, probably most of us, i think of is, if i have a child age 5+ it would be great to her to cosplay with and be the best father in the world, BUT at our age today, that isnt possible yet, we have to be financially stable in order to raise her/him good enough and can get to school, I know you wont let your child to live life in vain, think about it dude

  • are you kidding me? you just expect a girl to go 'sure, put your child in me so i can squeeze out a watermelon for you right now' sweetie, you're 18. do something with your life and if you meet a girl along the way you want to do the long haul with it will happen, dont worry :)

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