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I'm a single mom and try so hard. I work, go to school and love each moment I have with my son. But I feel so empty inside. I see my friends go out and meet new people. I see new relationship starts and I see everybody else have fun. I wouldn't trade the life I have for anything cause I love my son and I love being with him, but I just feel so lonely sometimes, so unappreciated. Maybe I'm selfish for thinking this way but I really want someone to see what I go trough, hold me and tell me it's going to be ok. I don't want to be lonely anymore, but I can't meet new people..

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  • hey ID16034.. I am a young girl and i believe it is my time to actually go out meet people and have a life but i just stay at home... I lost my younger sister some time back and ever since things are different.. I have slowly cut contact with people and am trying to concentrate on my studies..wanna do well on my professional front. I have my parents, i love them but they dont understand me.... :)... rest is all okay... You'll sail through... and always stay hopeful!! love!!

  • Its gonna be okay.. stay tough..

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