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My best friend is & I are 16 and were still both virgins, she has a boyfriend and she does a lot of nasty things with him and every time she tells me it annoys me so bad, I'm not really sure why.. Now she's saying she wants to lose her virginity to him and I just think she's the biggest whore..

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  • If you're saying this because you don't trust her bf or because you think she'll regret it later, it's her choice. You can tell people that something's a bad idea, but sometimes they have to learn that on their own. If you're saying this for any other reason, why would she be a whore for wanting to have sex with one guy? The term "whore" implies a person having sex with several people. So, yeah, wanting to have sex with her boyfriend doesn't make her a whore.

  • Could it be that you're jealous?

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