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I went dancing yesterday night. I have an drinking problem. I remembered myself once halfway through the party that I was kinda drunk and get myself a non alcohol drink. This was the first time in 4 years that I thought about drinking a non alcohol when I was already drunk. It was one, but it's a start.I turn 20 in 2 months.

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  • I find coke gives me a better night dancing than alcohol. I'd say mdma as well but if ya can't find a lady in my case by the end of the night one thing leads to any other and your rubbing one out in the back of a taxi. Unappreciated by the driver, I returned home from the local lock up early that morning vowing to only have pills for dirty weekends! I think in the next couple of mouths leading up to the big 2.0. I have given a naive youth some wisdom to ponder.

  • Mom must be proud (cause daddy ain't around)

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