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I took ADHD test and got high scores, which means I have an adult ADHD symptoms. Also, high scores on the inattention scale. I'm starting to believe this test when I read through the symptoms. So many things going on my head right now. So hard to focus on anything. I have very low confidence level. I hate public places. I hope these have nothing to do with ADHD.

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  • You don't have ADHD you're a hypochondriac

  • Dude, dun worry. I have a high ADHD and never even knew I had it until I was like 25. I didn't even know there is such a thing. Everyone thozghr I am just being odd, misbehaved and a daydreamer who forgets things around. So I figured I have a problem, faced it, and am doing much better. It didn't go away, I just know my way around it. It isn't really a disorder for me, more like heyyyy I am hyperactive and its actually awesome :D but, out of spiritual reasons I practice yoga and meditation for a long time and it did help me a whole bunch with ADHD. Good luck!

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