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I am a fat gilr (174cm, 85kg) who lives in a town near sea. I'm going for a swim with my girlfriends and they're thin and they say the're fat and it grinds my gears!! Because I am fat and I hate myself about this. I want to fix it, but my mum keeps cooking foods that aren't so healthy and sweets!! And I can't go jogging because now my leg is injured, but I also can;t get motivation easily. And, if I do, I don't run for a long time. And I don't want to attend a gym! I just want to stop eating! No, I want to be in a coma and wake up when I'll be thin. This way I'd also be able to see who cares about me. And my friend has told me that I may have chance to be with my crush, but I don't think so, because he's thin and fit (he's learning karate) and I'm just an ugly ball of fat.

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  • sit ups

  • i'm 1,74 too. cool. also,just stop making excuses,just take a walk and lift some fuckin weights,you lazy shit. the world doesn't owe you shit.

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