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My BF and I live in different countries, my parents are on buisness travels all the time, my university friends all commute, I have no real close friends - so despite having my own flat, two great jobs, a nice savings account and a so called glamourous life (as viewed by outsiders) - I feel so lonely. After 17:00 it is me, my computer and my TV. But noone thinks that I am allowed to complain and everyone calls me selfish. I just want to hit everyone and make them understand!

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  • You, my friend, need to quit whining and get busy. I understand loneliness sucks, but if you're lonely and bored, get out there and find something fruitful to do with people you can actually spend time with. Take a cooking class, join a hiking group, start volunteering, start mentoring a kid, organize a charity fashion show,... DO SOMETHING. You'll be doing something good, you'll have something to do, and you'll make new friends.

  • It seems like you want other people's approval about something. Just find out what you might enjoy.

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