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I'm in love with two guys (I know, I'm fucked up). But I don't feel the same for them. I can't describe it, but it's different. Also, for one of them (let's call him A) I have strong friendly feelings as well, but the other day we were together all I was thinking about was kissing him. I want them both in my life, but I can't risk it with A! I'd never tell him. But with the other guy (let's call him B) I fel butterflies that want to exit my stomach and gat us away from this place!! A friend of mine told me that my feelings for B may be requited (I couldn't find a better word to express it, sorry) and I'm thinking of telling him. But I'm afraid that'd be very awkward for all 3 of us.

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  • Choose the one that you had feelings for after having feelings for the first guy, there is a reason that you developed feelings for him and it also means that your feelings for the first guy aren't as strong as your feelings for the second guy

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