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Now don’t tell me this is crazy because I already know it is and you have no idea how many times I’ve tried to convince myself that I’m insane or obsessed and delusional and that none of this matters and I need to get over it because it’s insane to keep holding on with both hands but how can I do that if every day is another day spent thinking of you and how can I let go if my hands are refusing to loosen their death grip over the thought of you and how can I get over it if whenever I try to move on I feel like nobody’s good enough and nobody will be unless they’re you and god knows I know that you’ve forgotten it and me and that you know I’m crazy and that’s the last thing I want you to think cause these days I can’t go outside of my front door without hoping that by some chance of fate I’ll run into you and my heart still flutters whenever someone says your name and how can this be a mistake if my mind is refusing to let go and how can this be a mistake if all I can think about is you and how can this be a mistake if I’m constantly clawing at the heavens hoping that all this bullsh*t is for some. Sort. Of. Motherf***king. Reason. Cause I’m not sure my hands are going to let go.  

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  • Have you ever used periods I think they're great. But seriously i can't understand what ur saying.

  • Longest sentence ever

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