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I feel like I'm the only one trying in all my friendships. I do understand we are all adults, and meeting up isn't always easy, but sometimes I feel like it can go months and we've only exchanged a few texts or something. I feel awkward along to hang out, like I'm bothering them. I don't like feeling like I'm bothering them, but if I didn't try to teach out, I wonder if I'd ever see my friends.

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  • Yeah when you grow up it gets hard, but you've just gotta find a day to take them out to lunch after work or meet up on a lunch break or go see a movie on a day off or something. You can't hang out all the time but once a month should be fine. Even if you can't hang out with all of them at once. At least keeping in touch through text is better then nothing. If you were bothering them then they would tell you but your their friend, they love you and you're never bothering them.

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