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If I ever found out through testing that the child I was going to give birth to was going to have a mental handicap I would abort it immediately. And if I gave birth to one, if possible, I would give it up for adoption.

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  • You deserve more approves. I mean, as a parent you don't want this. Not just because I think it's just not right, also because the kid will face many and many problems along the road. Why not save everyone the pain and suffering by aborting it. I would and I know my GF would too

  • I cant wait until you get old and someone sticks you in a nursing home because they dont want to take care of you and wouldnt be able to deal with you. You will most likely be in a wheelchair at some point,you will need help being cleaned off because you cant make it to the bathroom because of the medications you are on,you start drooling because you lost all your teeth,and you cant talk because your dentures wont stay up right..i hope people 100% refuse to take care of you. Only then maybe you will learn something...youve got your head so far up your ass right now..I feel sorry for those around you.

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