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I am a 23 year old divorced single mum. I left my marriage because of domestic violence. I'm terrified no one is ever going to want me again, especially because of my baggage.

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  • I wrote this. I will always put my child first, with out a doubt and will always do everything in my power to give them everything I can and love them unconditionally. I did not call my child baggage, but used the term in reference to the emotional scars and damage that I have along with a abusive ex that will always be apart of my life in one form or another. I was under the impression this would be a safe place to discuss these things, instead a while heap of you have made assumptions and negative comments based of them. I'm terrified that no one will want to be apart of my life, not to have sex with, but to actually love me. Not only this I am terrified to allow someone into mine and my child's life, even as a friend! For those few comments that have been supportive, I thank you for realising this isn't about me being selfish, or getting laid. That it goes deeper and it's about letting someone in, dealing with this damage that has been left even months after leaving.

  • So many heartless comments, wow. First off, really impressed with you for getting out of that situation, it can be really scary and hard to realise you need to get out and then to actually get away from it. Good on you! Second, you're young, you have plenty of time find love again, you don't have to rush it. I do recommend counselling, it will help you get past what happened and move on with your life. I hope the kid's okay, too.

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