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This is going to sound really awful and I feel really bad but I feel that my job is turning me into a racist b*tch. I am getting seriously frustrated by my African-American coworkers. They call in sick, show up late, indulge in lazy behavior, leave messes, and have a general attitude of apathy for our customers. Many of them expect me to understand what they are saying even with their thick accents. And I swear if certain things are just not right in front of their face they are yelling at me and asking where things are. I am starting to have awful thoughts like "No wonder white men had to have so many slaves, it takes three of these people to do the work of one person..." I don't want to be a bitch or have these racing thoughts of anger, any advice on how to improve my relationship with my coworkers?

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  • I understand how you feel I'm black but not all of us are lazy even though a lot of us are.I feel like I'm pretty hardworking though some others aren't. You're always going to encounter either lazy or passionate people in all races. It doesn't make you a bad person its just and observation just know that not everyone of one group aren't always the same. Have a great day :)

  • Don't worry. Saying 9/10 black people are lazy worthless garbage is not being racist. Because it is just true. They feel that society owes them because thwir ancestors were slaves 200 years ago

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