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So recently I've started working on my summer job, which basically means that I go up at 6:00 and come home roughly at 16:30 everyday, and I get paid pretty well, so its worth it. The problem is that my sister, who now studies in a different city, has come to stay with my family over the summer. She doesn't have a summer job, so shes just hanging with her friends all day. Usually when I come home I'm exhausted, and want nothing more than to sit and relax by my computer until I have to sleep and wake up again. The problem is that my sister, who is pretty needy when it comes to having people around at all times, wants me to spend my free time on my work days with her. This only happens when she is alone at home, otherwise she pretty much doesn't care what I do at all. Yesterday when I took a little longer to go upstairs and join her when she was going to eat dinner she yelled at me, accused me of being mean because I had waited downstairs(She was heating up her food and I was at the computer). I explained that I had been working all day, and it was only natural that I wanted to relax, but she dismissed it and called me selfish(even though I came to keep her company), because Id rather sit alone by the computer than keeping her company. Am I selfish? I honestly don't know, and I would like to know what you think on the subject.

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  • put your sister in her place. You are the boss of yourself. tell her exact days that you'll play with her, and on the other days you want to be left alone.

  • Man, your sister is spoilt.

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