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I really don't know what to do. I'm freshman and everything started really good....got New friends, living on my own and now this happend: friend(boy) started stalking my new best friend, because he feel in love with her, but she doesn't feel the same...happens.... But today the most horrible thing ever happened: after university, she found him sitting front her flat...on the floor with a bottle of vodka, empty....had been 1l ....., also ate loos off pills and cut off his wrists....blood everywhere! Asap I came, saw the ambulance and police...I was shocked cause I had no plan what happened.... No I'm sitting here, after a long evening sitting with my crying friend trying to help get over what happend. Can someone help me? Cause I have no clue what to do.....never experienced a situation like this (lucky me...) It's horrible...No way I'm gonna sleep tonight

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  • Stay with your friend to make sure your both safe, it's likely that either of you could need therapy after seeing such a thing happen. Reassure your friend that it wasn't her fault, even though she rejected him earlier, doesn't mean you should. I feel sorry for both of you, as I haven't seen anything as gory as that you've seen, there have been instances with people I know causing or narrowly avoiding this level of harm, but not too themselves.

  • No one can really help you, its a horrible seen, you have to feel through the situation and then let time go by. People can guide you in the future ex: therapist and such, but the situation is ust wrong. The best you can do though is understand just how the situation is NO ONE'S FAULT but his and only his. If someone is already weak in the mind to do such act and turn it into a horror show, you have to understand it was to hurt your friend and gain the attention he wasnt able to get in life. Be sure that it has nothing to do with your friend personally but with him wanting to be someone desperately.

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