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I am single for years and started to think that I might ended up alone for the rest of my life and I am feeling maybe it would be awesome. Sometimes I wonder what do all men wants? But all my besties keep saying men are actually afraid of me, they feel intimidated and they wont feel wanted if they are around me simply because I am independent and smart. Not to brag, but I do not want this thought eating me alive and I ended up alone. I dont know what to do.

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  • It is hard to tell because your point of view is obviously not neutral, and your bestie's advice could suck... Maybe you can get a few other people's opinions? Insecure guys do get threatened by smart/tall/outspoken women, so it really could be that. But I would be very surprised if that happens to ALL man when you are around. I do hope you find love, OP.

  • Young men are intimidated by intelligence, unless they have an academic mindset themselves. A positive attitude would stop the negative thoughts, so doing something to cheer yourself up such as going for a walk or spending a day at the seaside would help. Chin up stranger.

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