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What could be much worse than stressing for finals and having your dad warns you about passing the course and keep on mentioning mistakes that I did last semester again and again. I might flip the table and just run away from home but that is stupid. I am feeling super stress and it feels so hard to breath, its like putting a 10kg thing on my chest. Life is hard.

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  • dear stressed out.. who do you have anything to prove to? Study because it is a great thing..Do it so that you can learn self expression.... Its not a RACE..you are here to learn how to build your self esteem and self worth...that can only be achieved through some honest effort from your side...but without stress and for pure insight into self expression! Best of luck..May God see you through your tough time. :)

  • just ignore him for a while, stress are stress but i know you can prove yourself, goodluck :)

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