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Take a minute and think about your ex, not the one your still in love with but the one who just makes you sick. The one who treated you like dirt and took advantage of you every chance they got. I know you don't want to remember them but one question comes to mind. If you had their address, and they don't know that you have it, what would you do with this information? Ordering pizzas to the house is childish people, I just want something good. Any ideas?

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  • I wouldn't do anything, if you treat them just as bad as they treated you, how are you any better? Why can't you simply forget about her? She probably forgot about you. If you do something stupid and childish, she along her friends and family will see you as childish and immature. It's not worth it just forget about it.

  • The ex i'm still in love with is the same as the ex that makes me sick..... what do i do?

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