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So as a girl (not a teen) i keep hearing about people complaining of the friendzone, men complain more about it. All my life has been a series of crushes friendzoning me, i came to this conclusion my dear boys and girls stuck in that zone: we are there because we are unattractive (sugarcoating for ugly). I accepted that i am like that, now it s your turn.

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  • "Friendzone" is some bullshit made up by children. Adults have relationships with someone or they don't. You want to fuck somebody? Then fuck them. You don't want to fuck somebody? Don't fuck them.

  • Its not just simply ugly, to put it in a blunt,somewhat brash manner, you are viewed as defective in one way or another, the defect is however not necessarily your appearance but perhaps a multitude of other factors, so don't take friendzones completely personally, although it may feel personal, its just that you are simply not what they are looking for.

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