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I don't believe in dating, for religious reasons, but to be honest I'm much happier and healthier than all my friends my age who do date.

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  • Dont think yourself too smart actually you re missing vital life and love lessons that allows you to becoke a better spouse and see the other sex and human interaction as well as love differently, more realistically, now even religion does jot keep you from having men women friends and knowing them so do so and find a spouse ir whatever you believe in but being married will nit make it easier ir save you from the pain of love and relationships. Uou just postponned it and it is part of life .

  • I saved myself for marraige. Do you mean you do courting or you let your parents pick? I found it easier to be friends with girls and than pick one to court at that point we already knew we liked each other anyway. She had dated before and I had not but I was the only one her parents liked and that meant a lot to her. We have been married 6 years. regret nothing.

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