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i'm terrified of love. i mean like, loveing someone so much that you commit everything to him/her. And have him/her as your everyday routine. like texting and talking and stuff, then one day you can't do that anymore, like one day you won't have him/her as your everyday routine anymore, like never agian, you just becoming strangers with some memorise togheter. how scary is that?

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  • You are over thinking it. Find your best friend but rely on your self for your happiness.

  • Well it will happen anyway, once or twice in someone's life. Honestly I'd rather be hurt, like what happened with my ex, WHY? because at least I'll learn a lesson, correct my mistakes, and improve myself. Unlike my aunt, whose bf is only my uncle, so when she got hurt, she's 60+ now, she's still bitter... she's so strict with my cousins. She always brought up the past that creates quarrel with my uncle even though my uncle is really sorry. Pain is pain, I've been dealing broken heart 3 yrs. ago, and here I am, so happy with my new bf. But I learned a lesson though.

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