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My older brother calls me a loser, my younger sister disrespects me, some of the cool kids at my school make fun of me but i really do not give a fuck about them , i have my own friends (the gamers) but when i was younger it was kinda different, better i was more respected known as funny and a smart kid. As for the respect it was definitely better, i was more popular but it feels like i've become an outcast and the truth being my friends are boring and don't go out much but i love them, the cool kids can be friendly and invite me out but after that they start to insult me. Now i feel like i've been inside a buble that made me thought i was cool or i was simply an idiot. What do you guys think?

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  • Hey man stick it out, I was that kid in high school you just have to find something in yourself these other kids dont have, this how I got my first really hot chick to dig me, most guys will fuck with you cus they cant have something you have, or there iimpressed by something but get angered cus it doesnt fit you if you know what I mean, I started out by consuling girls from there break ups and they felt I was a sweet guy and they liked it, every chick in my class knew I was the sweet emotional guy, they liked that there for the "cool guys" noticed I could talk to there women better than they could I got my ass kicked alot because of it but it eventually got me that much closer to them I eventually got invited to parties and shit and started liking life more, just dont forget your old friends these guys will be with you till the day you die, the other guys are juat using you and its alright who gives a fuck use them haha hope this helped

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