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don't know why i'm so apathetic, i don't date, don't work, don't drive, nothing. i feel no motivation to do anything at all that makes this life worth it. i don't feel bad about it but i see myself missing out everything. maybe it's because i don't feel like a normal adult and never did. i'm 33

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  • The problem I can see here is that you don't have this feeling simply because you haven't experienced it enough or with the right people. Sometimes you would think going out will be fun when in reality, the company of a good friend is the best time. Let me tell you that you are missing out a bit, but not as much as if you were saying No to every opportunity. Try going out with a close friend and doing something you've never done before, something you've wanted to do for a while or simply be creative. Being alone can be fine for a lot of people while sharing a moment with someone else is just plain excitement of not knowing what will happen next. Be a YES man for a little and see for yourself, curiosity can lead you places you never thought you'd get. Cheers

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