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Whenever i go on the internet i always hear some fuss about religion and most of the time it's the people who interpreted the bible in a wrong way start to make these fights so I want to make on rule in Christianity clear, specifically about lust. Everyone seems to think that just thinking someone is attractive is considered as lust and therefore a sin; BUT NO IT IS NOT! Thinking someone is attractive is a humane and natural thing, i have eyes and you have eyes, we know when someone is attractive or not; We don't have any control under it and it's ludicrous to say or think otherwise. Lust is a sin when we start dwelling on those thoughts purposefully (meaning to imagine having sex with that person) that's something we can control and not to mention that we don't need it. This is why masturbation is also considered a sin. But the thing is masturbation is not mentioned in the bible whatsoever, so i am not sure whether or not outside of lust if it is a sin or not. But masturbation to pornography is a sin for obvious reason. I know most of you will not read this or basically hate me for even bringing this up, but i wanted to get this out of chest because i am sick of hearing people saying "No lust is not a sin, it's unavoidable" when it clearly is.

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  • Thank you whoever you are (not being sarcastic) :)

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