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Ok I just find out im a bisexual trans im a boy trapped in a girls body and nobody knows except for my 2 cousins but I tell them not to tell because I dont want to be kicked out of the house so they promised not to tell anyone but I really want to tell my family but I cant because they dont like that stuff and I dont want to be trapped in a cage my whole life I want to be able to be the real me and I know they wont accept me because they even cut off my uncle from the family because hes gay and imagine what they do to me im only 16 so I hav we now where to go and I have no job or friends I cant keep living a lie but I also cant afford to be separated from my family I been to a group ho.e before and trust me its not good everybody made fun of me even the staff because I was quiet and I always was sleeping because I was depressed and even wated to kill myself and I stopped eating and when I was in the bathroom my self I would punch myself and make me have bruises and I bit my skin and even tried to bite it off thats why I dont like those places im telling you this because I tried tslking to peopele online and asking for advice and they told me to tell my family and go to foster home until I grow up but I dont want to do that I would want at least some accepting friends to help me cope with this pain but nobody is interested in being my friend or even talk to me because im a loser

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  • Wouldn't being a bisexual trams boy trapped Ina girls body just make you a straight girl?

  • see m8, 6 months later from the other side of the globe i ll advise you , to put aside sexuality, even your family, learn, gain all the knowledge you can - about yourself, about what you would love dying for, make it a passion that drives you.

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