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today i tried to call a prostitute to stop being a adult virgin male in his 30s. i think she she didn't answer the call because it was on private. i already got a second sim card just to try another day (no one knows this number). this time i have no problem showing my new second number that know else have. still i don't know what to think or do... i'm tired of being a virgin but stds, my fear of everyone knows i did that and whoring becoming an addcition are serious issues to me

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  • If she didn't answer she was probably busy (with somebody else). And whores don't return calls, cause, you know, wives.

  • Sex, especially if it's the first time, definitely should not be something you buy. It needs to be something that comes from a meaningful relationship otherwise you'll just feel like crap afterwards. If you're having problems with your relationships with women then that's something you need to address. I mean, if all you want is sex then definitely go for it but it just kind of seems like a small part of a big issue.

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