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so theres this boy at my school, we are in the same grade but he is 3 years older than me and idk what he wants from me. everytime he talks to me he gets flustered, smiles at me and goes away.And in the lessons he always stares at me. he's with a lot of other girls and flirts with many but if its me he gets very shy. And it always seems like he wants to get my attention but i dont care bec i dont love him anymore. i was in love with him one year ago and he also had feelings for me but he only said that he finds me very beautiful and that he wants to stay friends and i accepted that though it hurt a bit. yesterday i was at his house bec his sister is my best friend and suddenly he came into the room while i was lying on the couch and he embraced me, we were literally lying together on the couch for a few seconds. i was shocked and confused, tbh it felt great but i really dont know. it's getting a bit annoying bec some days he talks to me and things like that and some days he only stares at me and nothing more. he hugs other girls but he mostly does this if i'm around, does he do this to make me feel jealous? Any ideas why he is acting like that?

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  • he likes you

  • you better hug the nigglet back next time!

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