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i need loads of advice please. i dont know what i did wrong but here's the story. so i met this guy online a year ago from today and we bonded a lot. he's four years older than me (i'm 20) and from the begining he always told me he doesn't think he would ever go further than friends with someone wayy younger than him. spoiler alert clichè alert yes i fell for him. yay thanks feelings. well i told him i loved him but as a friend and as time passed i actually did love him as a friend and nothing more. well ever since then he would ask me if i still loved him like out of nowhere. i always told him if i didnt i would tell him. but stubborn as he his he kept asking. simultaneously he would drop subtle hints that he liked me well more than a friend. I GOT SO FUCKING CONFUSED. yesterday he asked me again and i told him off saying i wouldnt tell him anymore. he got mad and called me a liar (yeah there were a few times i was caught lying however so these were white lies, i'm not saying there were right but come on) he also said he doesnt want to talk to me anymore and no matter what i say he won't believe me or trust me. so i just said bye. i dont know what to do anymore, he was the only proper honest fun relationship i had with another human being i had. i cant stop crying and i cant talk to anyone else about this because its apparently weird to have a close relationship with someone online. you guys have to understand im not an expressive person so i cant really convey how i feel and i dont really know what do. i dont want to lose him but at the same time i dont know if this is a good thing... please help me. i just want to be happy for a little while at least.

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  • Dont go further than this.. he doesng trust you, he will hurt you.

  • Do what he did as hem if he loves you again and again until he answers you, maybe it will make hem laugh, good luck.

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