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The bible is just a book, nothing more. The story of Jesus is not the first of its kind. During the Egyptian times, there is this dude named Horus. Everything that happened to Jesus actually was taken from the Egyptian savior Horus. Which was 2,000 years before Jesus. So tell me how true the bible is.

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  • Horus was the Egyptian god of the overworld. he took over when his uncle, the god of the desert, killed the previous god of the overworld, Osiris, his father. He vowed vengance and fought his uncle seth who plucked out one of his eyes in the fight. He did not walk the earth as a mortal, he did not have twelve disciples, nor is there any record of him ever being executed by the Romans. if your going to attempt to discredit a religion that has endured for over 2,000 years your going to have to try harder. not that it will do you any good.

  • The bible is really. I believe in it and also thst Jesus Christ is my personal savior. I know that I will go to heaven.

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