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i frequently asked my BF when he gonna marry me. he's getting frustrated. but i do it because another guy want to propose me..and i only want to married to my BF. not someone i barely know

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  • huh? ..hmm i guess sorta puts pressure on someone if you just go ahead and say " hey!! when u gonna marry me?" ,and probably put them off . if you want to marry him , it shouldn't be 'cause someone else wants to marry you. it's not a ticking clock . getting married is ,believe it or not , not the most important thing in life . i mean what's the big urge about getting married ,how do u know that in couple of years you might meet someone that love more than both of them and actually get marired to them. what i'm saying is, you don't have to pick your options right now, and u shouldn't be stringing someone along just because in case your bf doesn't want to get married you'll have backup .

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