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i sleep on the same room that my sister as we are both girls, but one day my older brother came and told me to search in the wardrobe of my sister on the 2nd drawer. when i go i found the biggest dildo i have ever see, it is like 10 inches !!!! now i dont know what to do, specially when with my brothers searching on our wardrobes because i am almost sure he watches porn and all that stuff, and feel awkwars when we are both naked on our room

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  • weirdest confess-er ever . i mean it's really not of your business if she has a dildo or not. the only way it could concern you is if tell you to use it. so don't stress about it , and try to not put yourself in situation like this.if your brother tells you to look at her drawer simply tell him "hmm , no ..since it's not my drawer and it would be rude of me to search in someone else's drawer "duuuh

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