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Okay guys don't laugh at this, i never ever been in a relationship, i'm a thirty years old woman. And i want to ask, how do people become couples? Does the man says: do you want to be my girlfriend? Or it is decided that you are a couple after a certain amount of time? I ve been with guys, we do stuff couples do, hang out, go out, get a bit physical, but i get shocked when they introduce me to others as just a friend. Once i asked the guy im with and he replied: hey you are really like more than a friend. Yes go ahead laugh at the pathetic naive idiot, it´s kind of funny i admit it

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  • I usually ask.the guy out. And be careful where you meet them. Make sure there are pepper dates.

  • You probably haven't found that one yet. Trust me I'd be more proud to be in your situation then to have almost marry someone who was abusive and controlling. Don't beat yourself up about it. I haven't really dated that much myself, but I would say after a few dates talk about what you two are, you need to know if your a couple or just friends. Be positive and always keep your head up. Someone will come along soon enough. Your friend calling you more then a friend is a good sign, just talk with him. Ask if he wants to go steady or not. Good luck and remember communication is the key.

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