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I feel I'm a better listener then a talker. I prefer to have people talk to me and confine their problems in me, because I want them to know they cant trust me (Because I would NEVER tell anyone anything). But none of my friends ever talk to me about sensitive subjects, even the close ones I've been close to for years. Any advice for why this may be?

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  • I totally get that you dont tell your friends anything, if they dont wanna listen to you, is that the problem?

  • It could be that maybe they don't want to put that burden upon you. It could be that if you haven't talked to them about anything sensitive so they feel like maybe you don't want to talk that deeply. It good that you're a good listener, but try to talk too. I'm honestly the same way but every once in a while I'll share something deep with them, just so they feel like I trust them too. Give it a shot, listening is good but you've gotta talk too lol.

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