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Since he graduaded with his Master, I know that my boyfriend needs to look and search for jobs like were it his full time occupation. I just feel utterly neglegted when he uses ALL his time from early morning till 22-ish doing so... We haven't been out since December and we only spend time at dinner and when taking a shower. Am I a bad person for wanting more???? He doesn't understand me and he says I don't understand him.

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  • He's probably super stressed about his future because everything comes down to having a good job for financial stability. Try to find a minute to tell him how you feel, but don't make it seem like you're attacking him because it sounds like he's doing the best he can. Yes, it's super frustrating to be the other end of this relationship but if he's worth it it'll be worth it to stick things out. Good luck

  • If a man doesn't feel productive he will not be complete. Is that simple he wants a job because that's how they are as simple as that.

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