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It's really hard to be perfect in today's society. I have to dress perfect and act nice to try to get a girlfriend. why can girls just like who I am and not who everyone wants me to be?

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  • Yea ikr? Why cant girls just like a guy for the smelly, sleepy guy in nothing but a pair of never-washed underpants playing videogames and yelling rammstein-songs, eating nothing but nutella and oreo's with his junk hanging out all the time? WHY NO GURLS LIKE THAT?

  • Don't ever try to be what society calls "normal" or "perfect" just be yourself, be different. Dress how ever you want, think how ever you want, and believe in what ever you want. Girls will be more attractive to you if you are you. Sorry, real girls will. I fell in love with a guy (yes I still love him even though we aren't together) because he was so down to earth, he dressed how ever he wanted and stayed true to what he believed in and never changed anything for anybody. That made him the hottest and sweetest man I have ever known. I also dated a guy who tried to be perfect and ugh he was so annoying, he only liked what everyone else likes and would dress how others dressed, just constantly changing and didn't have his own personality or opinions. It was annoying and he was an ass. Sorry some girls want the jock, some girls don't. But whatever we want, be yourself and the right one foe you will come your way.

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