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I had a dream about a guy I barely know. We were laying in bed and i felt him get hard but I had to get up go to work so I told him we couldn't have sex. He tried to persuade me one more time but I refused. I went to get upbut he grabbed me and pulled my pants off. He got on top of me and held my wrist down. He started to fuck me and said I know you want me why would you tell me you don't. I was moaning loudly trying to move my arms, I also tried to kiss him but he turned his head before out lips met. I told him to let my wrist go and that I wanted to feel him, to feel his body against mine, I needed to kiss him. But he simply ignored me and kept talking dirty to me turning me on more. He asked if I wanted to cum, I was practically screaming yes so he stared fucking me harder and faster, still not letting me kiss or touch him it was driving me crazy. We both came and he rolled off me and let me go. I was all over him, kissing and touching him this turned him on again so I got on top and rode his hard cock. I woke up horny as hell but damn that was the best dream ever!

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  • that last sentence, anticlimax ffs

  • Honestly, did you read 50 shades of grey that night ? So relatable. .-.

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