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I once confessed, that I hate my crush after rejecting me. So Im over her. FINALLY. Im now just friends (and this not really good) with her and I don't feel anything for anyone anymore. I just likely shut of my feelings and expressions. I only get feelings when Im drunk like last night and I must say: F*ck you girls! You really think its okay to reject a boy because hes not muscular, and when a boy rejects a girl because she is fat its not okay? WOW I call that EQUALITY!!!

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  • Over it huh? Sound like a bitter little bitch to me. Move on she didn't want you. Instead of dwelling on it how about you learn from it and not be like that! Ignorant fuck.

  • She didn't owe you a relationship you entitled sniveling asshole. After reading your post I 100% agree with her, only instead of the friendzone I'd put you in the 'DontFuckingTalkToMeZone'.

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