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Let's all take a moment to reflect o this lil thingy: To ''Cut yourself''. We all what it is. It's a thing. We know what it is, we know what it means and so on ... But what if we didnt? Do you think the same amount of people would cut themselves, if nobody talked about it like we do today? If nobody had ever heard of the thing, how would they get the idea?

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  • The need to self harm is just innate in some people. If they do t cut they'll just shoot up or self flagellate or eat sand

  • I started it by accident, I had no idea what cutting was. But some people who are hurt so badly want to hurt themselves and they will think of anything to do it, it might not even start with cutting, it might start with hair pulling, burning, scratching anything like that and you work your way up to cutting because it feels like it helps with the pain and hurt inside your head. Self harm isn't just cutting there are many different forms of it, so I feel that even if it wasn't talked about people would still do it, and we shouldn't get angry with them rather we should help and love them. When people cut it's a cry for help, it's not some attention seeking facade, sometimes cutters don't know how to ask for help and this is the only way to let people know that they are struggling, cutting is just on the surface but there is always a greater issue beneath that which makes them cut. Most cutters keep it a secret as well, so in that community you're pretty far off. Love on them if you know they do it, chances are they need it most.

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