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i find that left wing extremists are annoying. yesterday i had long talk about several subjects like abortion, contraceptives, religion, politics and such with this guy i know for yrs. he's a very liberal person about many things but i think that he sometimes goes too far with certain views. it's almost like that if you don't smoke pot or are not 100% in favor of homosexuals or 100% against discrimination you're a bigot who lives with a late 19th century mentality. i mean i don't have to be so open minded that i want a interracial gay couple being my roommates preferentially.

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  • I'm a liberal as well, but I don't believe in forcing any opinions on people. If your idea of life is to force everyone to assimilate to your beliefs, that isn't right. I'm 100% against discrimination of any kind, because I do believe that people are equal and that respect should be afforded to everyone.

  • All extremists are annoying

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