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Apparently I'm a huge f**king misogynist for being suspicious of women after having been abused by many over my lifetime. I need to "love and accept" my f**king rapist because she has a vagina. I should just "get over" being beaten by my mother because she has tits. It wasn't the fault of the girls at school for slamming a glass bottle over my head and causing brain damage - they were "just being girls". But hey, "not all women," right? I'M the problem, right? I asked for it, right? Right.

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  • I'm a girl, and fuck society's "rules", that's not fair at all, women say that they want to be equal, but they can't go to jail if they abuse a male... Fucked up.... Smh

  • I am a woman and I fight against these tyrannical bitches everyday!

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