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I'm married and love my wife. But recently she has not been all that into me because she feels fat and ugly due to the fact she is pregnant. But I don't think so at all. Quite the opposite actually. Then I met this bad ass girl and I can't get her out of my mind. I talk to her all the time but don't think I would act. She knows I'm married and I doubt she would ever allow anything to happen but the more I talk to her the more I feel like I want her. Ugh this is rough .. I'm a good guy. I don't do bad Shit ever. This is really starting to suck.

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  • Why don't you stop talking to that "bad" chick? You're not a good guy at all. A good guy would do what marrige is about.

  • Whatever you do stay on the one (musicians talk) meaning keep doing the same thing or playing the ame note.Stay true to your wife, it will get better

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